Publication Day!

The book came out yesterday, and that morning I awoke to this stunning NPR review of Last Song Before Night: 

“Myers’ depiction of Tamryllin and the land it inhabits is shadowy and lush, a tapestry of gossamer wonders as well as theocratic oppression and brutality. But the core of Last Song’s strength is its characters. Bound by enmities, rivalries, lust, sacrifices, and ancient tragedies, the novel’s sizeable cast forms a dizzying chemistry…Last Song Before Night is about music, but it’s also a work of music itself: Lyrical, dynamic, and winningly melodic.” 

Complete NPR review of Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer

There are also lovely reviews at, SF Signal, and Bookwormblues, and an exceptionally thoughtful review at Galleywampus. Paul Weimer at SF Signal, who reviewed my book, also interviewed me, which was a first. I’ve interviewed many authors, but had never been interviewed, myself!

Word of mouth counts for a lot. If you read Last Song Before Night and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review at Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever is most convenient for you. I am excited for my book to be out in the world and in your hands at last.

Oh, here I am autographing copies at the Union Square Barnes & Noble.

Amazing Review of Last Song, io9 List

There are some rare reviews which seem to engage fully with the book in a way an author can only dream about. This review of Last Song Before Night is one of these, on top of being incredibly generous. For a taste:

“The beginning of [Last Song Before Night] is a captivating page-turner of winding threads, set in a fictional city that has its own tangible twilight atmosphere. The pace is steady and eventful, introducing one twist after another, never lagging. However, this is nothing compared to reading the middle for the first time — written with blood from a quickly beating heart, it left me no choice but to read on and on to find out what happened to the characters I already cared so much about, poised on a knife-edge the whole time, not only physically in danger but in spiritual and moral peril as well, with truly everything at stake. This goes on almost to the end and the satisfying conclusion.”

Complete review is here. 

In other news, Last Song made io9’s list of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can’t Afford to Miss in September!

Fun at the New York Renaissance Faire, Locus Blog Post

The New York Renaissance Faire has been a part of my life since I was six. It’s a haven for creative people and it feels like home. Here are some highlights from this weekend:

Shane the Blacksmith is excited about my book! Here is a man of ferocious skill and the soul of a poet. We may do a barter–a book for a knife.

I got to play with leather and dream a little with the help of Emily the pyro-belly dancer. Because when given the opportunity, that’s what you do.

And in Locus magazine I have a blog post about the women in Last Song Before Night.

Save the Dates: New York Book Launch! Barnes and Noble Reading!

I have lots of tour news, but first up:

  • The book launch! It will be October 1st at 7pm in the Red Room above the KGB bar, and will be in collaboration with Traitor Baru Cormorant author Seth Dickinson. The event is titled, “Songs of Rebellion: A Reading with Seth Dickinson and Ilana C. Myer.”
  •  On October 3rd at 3pm I will be reading in the Barnes & Noble in Forest Hills, New York.

So people in the New York area have a choice which event to attend! I would love to see you at one of these. has the details of our northeast book tour here, and  details for New York Comic Con are forthcoming.