Welcome to my site! This is the place where I will be posting news and updates leading up to the publication of my first novel, Tower of the Winds, an epic fantasy coming from Tor in 2015. (You can read more about it on the dedicated page, here.) Though it works as a standalone novel, Tower of the Winds is the first of a trilogy that I will be calling The Harp and Ring Sequence until my publisher suggests otherwise.

This book has been many years in the making and will be seeing publication through the dedicated efforts of my wonderful agent John Silbersack and my equally wonderful editor at Tor, Marco Palmieri. I couldn’t be more excited and look forward to sharing updates with you in the coming months as the book takes shape. Watch this space for what I expect will be a good deal of handwringing, dancing, and chocolate binge-eating. And of course, talk of books and writing, which I do in professional publications and also because I am, passionately, first and foremost a reader.

Here we go.


  1. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) · July 19, 2014

    A website or blog is not official until I’ve commented on it. Or so I’ve been told

    So here I am. I love the Galen Dara art, and looking forward to your book!


  2. jbwhelan · July 19, 2014

    Never heard of you. 😉

    Congrats, the site looks great! 😀


  3. Stefwhelan · July 19, 2014

    Yay! congrats on the site! ^_^


  4. BOB · July 19, 2014

    Looking forward to a long and happy fandom.


  5. Elizabeth · July 20, 2014

    What Bob said…. Congratulations, my dear! Eagerly awaiting… and loving the new website in the meanwhile…


  6. Esther G. Edelson · July 21, 2014

    Totally awesome! Congrats, and good luck!


  7. Robert Holmes · August 23, 2014

    Looks great you two! Can’t wait to see the book. Congratulations!!!!


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