Title Change

Titles are tricky. This is something I soon discovered when I realized I’d need to somehow sum up my 500+ page manuscript in a single phrase. I imagined that over time, the perfect title would just come to me. Now I wonder how often the author feels, with real conviction, that they’ve arrived at the perfect title.

I initially named my book Tower of the Winds after an important location in the book, because I thought it sounded cool. But my editor felt the title needed work.

So I wracked my brain. The new title ended up coming to me as I was waking up one morning–maybe from a helpful dream? I’m not sure. Last Song Before Night does capture a good bit of the mood and tone of this book, and I like that it doesn’t remind me of any other epic fantasy title that I can recall. I received word that my editor and the rest of the good folks at Tor approve. So there we are.

We are also starting to talk about cover art, which is very exciting in itself…


  1. Paul Weimer · September 17, 2014

    Hmmm. Well, given that this novel wraps around music as magic, the former title was only very subtly music centered. Your new title is more grounded in that aspect.


  2. E.C. Myers · September 17, 2014

    That’s lovely! It’s much more evocative and less generic 🙂


  3. Alan D. Abbey · September 17, 2014

    i agree with the above. good name. the other was generic for fantasy – but i would have bought it at any title


  4. Joseph Michael Owens · September 17, 2014

    Really like it!


  5. jeffiknitter · September 18, 2014

    The new title is much more lyrical. I love it.


  6. sohaib zahda · May 29, 2015

    interesting, I love your title , really it is attractive


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