One Month to Publication!

Now I know the lead-up to publication is much as I’ve heard war described–a lot of waiting, and then suddenly, a lot of marching! The waiting is at an end as September 29th fast approaches, and everything is suddenly moving quickly.

  • Last Song Before Night is a Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Pick for September and one of their 5 Fantastic September Fantasy Debuts to Watch. Their editor writes, “Eivar is a complex and wholly unique fantasy creation, a world where music, poetry, and other art forms are the gateways to magic…The idea of magic channeled through art is a powerful one, which Myer layers into a realistically flawed world.
  • RT Reviews says of Last Song Before Night“Beautifully lyrical, Myer’s high-fantasy debut weaves a multilayered tale of good versus evil and intimate self-discoveries. The gradual reveal of the main plot and the characters’ personal truths builds to a poetic crescendo worthy of their epic quest. With detailed worldbuilding and vivid characters…this lush and luminous story combines exquisite splendor and fathomless cruelty as it champions the power of art and the resilience of the human spirit.” (Complete RT review of Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer)
  • has posted the first four chapters to the site.
  • October is going to be crazy. There will be a northeast book tour with Fran Wilde and Seth Dickinson—we might be coming to a bookstore near you. There will be a book launch in New York and a reprise of our BEA panel with John Scalzi at New York Comic Con. Watch this space for the full calendar of events!

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