New York Comic Con, Hogwarts Houses, and Lies About “Last Song Before Night”!

New York Comic Con was a great time, as John Scalzi put us (Fran Wilde, Seth Dickinson, Lawrence Schoen, and me) through our paces in the “Tor: The Next Generation” panel–and sorted us into Hogwarts houses! Unsurprisingly, Seth Dickinson, author of The Traitor Baru Cormorant, was sorted into Slytherin.

And here is Seth, firing on all Slytherin cylinders as he tells lies on about Last Song Before Night! Someone stop him!

More seriously (a statement I feel compelled to make, as a Gryffindor) a writer can usually only hope for such perceptive readings of their work.

Here is how Seth’s essay begins:

“Stories about truth begin with a lie.

Let me tell you a lie: Last Song Before Night is an epic fantasy about a band of young poets on a quest to uncover an ancient secret and save the world from absolute evil.

The archvillain of Last Song is a censor (and he could be nothing else). His trade is the mutilation of truth. I like to think he’d appreciate this lie I’ve told you, just there. It’s a very good lie, because Last Song is about all those things, they’re in the story, it’s true!

But that is not the true shape of Last Song Before Night.”

More: Seth Dickinson on Ilana C. Myer’s Last Song Before Night

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