Trade Paperback Release of Last Song Before Night, and Two Interviews!

A month ago, some events of significance occurred in the US, where I live. This made it a strange time to promote the release of the paperback edition of Last Song Before Night, which came out on November 8th–Election Day.

Now that it’s a month later it feels appropriate to talk about something other than the cataclysmic events of November 8th. The trade paperback is not only out–it is beautiful, with the same cover art by artist Stephan Martiniere, but deeper colors. (And quite a nice cover quote from NPR.)

To honor the occasion of its release, I was interviewed by Aidan Moher at Barnes & Noble, and Mihir Wanchoo at Fantasy Book Critic. We talked about writing, character development, worldbuilding, and the upcoming sequel, Fire Dance.

Barnes & Noble Interview – Ilana C. Myer

Fantasy Book Critic Interview – Ilana C. Myer

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