First Reviews Are In For “The Poet King”!

The early reviews of The Poet King are in, and they’re better than I could have hoped for.

First up is this Kirkus starred review:

“Fully drawn characters negotiate complicated choices in a world that intriguingly intermingles Middle Eastern and Celtic folklore as well as a fantasy equivalent of the Jewish Diaspora. Myer delicately threads a steady path through a complex, ever shifting plot while maintaining a consistent throughline of theme that condemns the heedless and selfish choices of the powerful and pointedly underscores the folly of ignoring the quiet, seemingly insignificant people whose unexplored depths and considerable strengths might be poised to strike against those very same people at the top.

A fitting end to a gorgeous experiment in art, worldbuilding, and character, growing in strength from book to book.

Then there’s Publisher’s Weekly:

“Opulent, ambitious fantasy…Readers will be blown away by the lush, lyrical prose and epic scale of this novel.”

The book comes out on March 24th! Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this cover, courtesy of the wonderful Stephan Martiniere:

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