“The Poet King” is on the Kirkus Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2020 list!

I should start by saying that I hope readers are staying as safe and healthy as they can throughout this harrowing year. The promising vaccine news of the past month means there is now an end in sight.

This is the time of year for best-of lists, and I haven’t been paying attention, because in general such lists take no notice of last books in trilogies. So I was floored, and deeply honored, to discover that The Poet King has been selected as one of the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2020 by none other than Kirkus! And as you’ll see, the book is in jaw-droppingly excellent company.

March 2021 will see the publication of the trade paperback of The Poet King, and I’ll have a reading around that time. Watch this space. And be careful out there.

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